Unknownedified: Space Dreams

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-------Rock Songs-------> (Metal, Rock…etc.)

At War2:45
Ike’s WrathOld!3:18
InsanityOne of my favourites. 3:45
Eternal WarBIG MASTERPIECE! 3:58
Freestyle 2:45
Give It AwayFAN FAVOURITE!2:36
Gray Wilted Flowers3:45
Hello Tomorrow3:37
Moment of Truth
Perfect Storm
So Long
The Devil`s Son 3:00
The Existance
The Final Call
The Hitman3:46
The Killer3:36
The Stalker3:19
The Suspect3:40
Waiting Waters
What Has Happened To You?4:04
Your FaultFAN FAVOURITE!3:16

----Electronic Songs---->(Dance, Techno, Pop…etc.)

After Midnight Listen in Worst quality for chiptuny style
Circus Express
Concert Halls
Into the Sky
Man V.S. MachineOLD!3:15 Really cheesy song. So, not good.
Nightmare TranceLost Song!3:32
Noise Machine3:32
Run with the Wind
Summer Crush
Space Dreams
Straightjacket Escape 3:32
The Last Game3:22
The Source 5:04
The Project4:28
Perfect Paradise (Remix)


Silent Hill - Lisa Dies


The Experiment: The Search4:30
Originally By: Tyberious213
Remix: Substance

The Rise
Originally By: Tyberious213
Remix: Just an Ordinary Remix

—Other—>(RPG, Soundtrack, Misc…etc.)

Loss of a Hero
Marijah’s Temple
A Puppet’s Song3:35 Another cheesy song.
Perfect ParadiseFAN FAVOURITE!3:20
Target Locked
Territorial Warfare

–UNFINISHED–>(Some of these songs might not make it. Others will.)

The Possibility

SONG COUNTER:55 and more! (Sunvox and FL…)
Upcoming Songs:
Summer Crush
Mechanical Dukeout

Favourite Compsers/Fans:
Tyberious213, Anthony, Hypo
DarkDan12, SP, SkyCakes, WhiteFang, Max480
Dark Chameleon

since your a fairly new member there is better ways to post your songs so here
View Topic: How to post your songs
im not saying change anything just read it to find out other ways to post your songs…
oh and your songs rock

Give it away sounds good to me, with one exception. The crash cymbal in sheets 1 - 4 is (at least in my opinion) too loud. It’s actually somewhat distracting, and it kinda ruins those parts of the song. The rhythm you have going for it is good though, so if you just reduce the volume on the cymbal, you should be fine.

Your songs sound really good!!! Kinda reminds me of Tyberious’s songs

At War- The intro dragged on too long, and you could have done a lot better lead-in. But I like it. 4 points.

Ike’s Wrath - I remember hearing this quite a while before I joined the forum, and I was impressed with it. Greatly so, actually. 5 points.

Noise Machine- Sheets 2, 5 reminded me of Ike’s Wrath. Hardly anyone can use the Space instrument quite like that, though. Echoing the metal guitar with the Fender was a good idea, and you really could have ended it better. A bit too much of the same, but still pleasant to hear. 4.5 points.

Man Vs Machine - Sheet 11 was unnecessary. There’s too much of the same here. After a while, it gets boring. 3 points.

Perfect Paradise- Again, your intro was too long. The snare on sheet 10 doesn’t feel like it fits, and your ending seemed very bland. It’s very average. 3 points.

So Long- The strats need to be an octave lower, they sound too squealy to me. I really, really like sheet 7. You have this really bad habit of bringing back sheet 0 on every single song. The transition between 7 and 12 is broken, that’s a BIG no-no in Notessimo. The ending was cool… except for the advertisement. 4 points.

The Devil’s Son- I like the drumline on this. It’s not actually that dark. Sheets 9 and 10 are an ear-grinding mess, and it’s very very painful to hear. 2.5 points.

The Last Game- It’s nice to see someone believe in the awesome power of the default tempo. Instead of repeating sheet 0, you could have copied the measures from it and done the lead-in a sheet earlier. It is a habit of yours to drag the intro on as long as possible, and it really doesn’t add anything to the song. This song really doesn’t sound very pleasant until you get to sheet 4. I love the metal-clang sound produced by the open high-hat. Sheet 7 seems indecisive, as far as the partial fender goes. Sheet 9 annoyed me, Sheet 10 was great. The ending felt like a ripoff. 3 points.

The Project- AGAIN with the long intro! You don’t need to repeat the same thing so many times to get your point across. It has a Mortal Kombat feel to it. The high accoustic was interesting, it felt like a synth. Sheet 19 was pleasant. 4 points.

What has happened to you?- The choir sound seemed wrong. I’ve heard this song before. The clap sound is unfitting too. Tubular bells on sheet 6 were a nice touch. This is “darker” than your Devil’s Son. You’re very bad at endings. 4.5 points.

Your Fault- I actually like your intro, for once. That longa chord in sheet 5? Nice. I just plain like this one overall. 5 points.

Give it Away- Has an “Epic Struggle” feel to it. I love how you just cut right to the chase with this one instead of making us wait through a long, boring intro. The Male Vox instrument is pretty tricky to use, but you do that well here. The cymbals feel like they’re a bit too overpowering, you could have used an open-closed high hat combo instead. Sheets 9 and 12 makes me think back to Ike’s Wrath again. You should have elongated the ending chord, to let the song smooth out before it cuts away. I like this one a lot, though. 5 points.

And there you have it.

Your songs are pretty good.

@ CC
I believe we went over this in another thread. If a person is active and has 7+ songs then they have the right to create a thread. You never update YOUR thread so maybe I should just delete it…

ya but ive been tied up with chooseing songs im not as fast as i used to be and ive been working on Phantom of the Opera on notessimo and Trying to find Angel of Music music so im doing also bigger songs and trying to make them more indepth

Wow. Already in one day and messages have popped up.
Yeah, my songs from eariler are my worst. But I am getting better. Although Give It Away is probably the number one.
Also, I need inspiration for other songs. Right now I am stumped and I can’t choose what to do next. Got any ideas?

You could always try to finish something in the requests thread…

Request Threads???

Yes, the request thread. There are (as you can tell) many songs that have been requested, yet have not been made. If you can’t think of anything else, you could try one of those.

My favorite is Your Fault. It reminds me of 90s radio rock.


Great songs Unknowned. Didn’t like the intro for Nightmare Trance though…

You should bump your topic when you make a new song so you can get more listens and ratings

Yeah but I hate double posting. Can’t take a risk.

lol check out my thread. Double and triple posts everywhere

Lol. Glad to see some people are still online.

----------March 2, 2009--------------

Anyone gonna bump the post?

I think it’s safe to say to BUMP the post don’t you think?
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Ike’s Wrath was really good, except for the cymbals/hi-hats on sheet 2. I didn’t like how that sounded. Other than that, 5/5

Perfect Paradise was a near perfect song. I like how you used the steel drums However, the snares at D5 in sheet 10 sounded unusually placed for a song like this. Other than that, 5/5 here.

And the third song I listened to, So Long. That one riff with the Fender Strat was pure epicness. Nothing more than that, and definitley nothing less. I found everything to be great, nothing that sounded awkward or wierd. I would give it a 6/5, but the rating system doesn’t go that high.