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I’ve never noticed that button.

Well I saw I first when I first started Notessimo. I didn’t know what half of the stuff on the screen was for so I guess I never tried clicking the button. I can’t believe I haven’t noticed it since then.

I wouldn’t know if there was a bug because Notessimo isn’t even loading on my CPU anymore. I’m not sure if it’s because my internet has been sloppy the past week or if the problem is with Notessimo itself.

EDIT: It was my internet.

CPU? If it affects the cpu nothing would work, including the internet.

Oh, wait, did I just quote myself from the future of this post in the past? Wait, but if I’m posting this now, there must also be a future incarnation of me controlling my every move… Time paradox, black hole appears, sucking up all the timelines (Sonic 2006 joke)

What just happened? I’m lost.

Join the club.

I think ill join too.

I’ll go make some sandwiches. Ham and cheese ok?

I prefer chicken or turkey…but sure

Yes but I was planning on toasting the sandwiches. If you want I could go for the classic chicken lettuce and mayo, with a sprinkle of off-topic.

Perhaps a bit of coriander, with some boiled rutabaga on the side… Yeah… Anyways, Starburst! FIX THE BLINKING UPLOAD SYSTEM!!!

he hasn’t been on since April 6th. I don’t think he’s going to read this.

He better have a good excuse.

Yeah, its called college.

I thought he was finished with that.

umm… thats the title menu for all of the KH’s.

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4 Embeds in 1 post? holy crap!

Gs, you have way too much spare time. And randomguy did have four embeds in his sig.