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I was looking for some awesome VG music after seeing the Ducktales moon theme. Alas, the only other amazing(raised to the 4th) song posted was wily stage 1.

Wait, my version in the Mega Man thread or the original?

Hey Kdiuldlea I wanna see if you could do White Land by F-Zero plz? that would rock!

White Land? I was thinking of doing Mute City… the Brawl version with the sick guitar solo lol.

I prefer Mute City, the brawl version of that is flippin awesome!

If you didn’t already, you might also want to check out the other VG music threads. …and certainly not because all of my songs are in there, oh no…
(Seriously, though, there are quite a few gems in there, if you ask me.)

Also, if the Share button weren’t buggy, I’d have a notessimo’d version of Majora’s Mask’s Termina Field theme inserted righted here. Just felt like saying…

Ahh. I’m sure it would be just brilliant. The dynamics (how loud it is) would be spectacular and I would love the panning. We’d all agree that the choice of instruments was ingenious and that the pianos in sheet 4 were to die for. Not to mention the drums in sheets 1 - 3, which were just speechless. I’m almost positive it will end up in my top five and it will be featured most definitely.

No pressure.

OK! Did I miss something???

A mod must have corrected it.

Heh, I wish…

Don’t we all.

Share button is working again !

Well, maybe I just didn’t like the Unfinished songs topic…

What? I just finished listening to Ixsetf’s song and I thought that was good…srsly dude that was killer.

wrong topic star

No it’s not. Do your homework, son.

Yeah I was talking about in relation to ixsetf’s song, this song is amazing.

I also loved ixsetf’s song however.