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What song are we talking about here!?!

and what was the “what” fr at the beginning of your post? that is what confused me.

Oh sorry for the confusion. The “What?” is because when I listened to it I thought these two had improved so much it was insane, and i was thinking “How in the world did that happen?”

what song are you talking about!?! Ixsetf hasn’t posted here!

My head is starting to hurt.

I had this:

Open in Ashleybas10’s thread at the time and right as i finished it I went to this thread to listen to Octoviator’s song. Both are great.

Hypo arranged this a while ago (page one of this thread). I recently made an arrangement of this very song as well. Your cover is by far better than ours. My only concern is the xylophone/glockspiel thingee in the very beginning–it is too early.

I composed Dark Cave (from Pokemon GSC) -


Enjoy :twisted:

The notes were the right notes, but the bass should have been different in the beginning (bass 4 and an octave lower IMO), the metal guitar was too loud, and the biggest problem was how the notes were a 16th off.

As much as this bugs me as well, this is by far not the “biggest problem”. Yes, it looks clunky and weird, but in truth it has little impact on the actual sound overall. I mean, you could shift the entire song over by a half note and it would still sound the same!

kreechurkid, if you don’t know what he’s talking about, he’s saying that the first beat of a measure is on, not after, the line, like so:

Now, the practical reason for doing this (besides looking better) is so that the final note of a sheet can have its full duration. You’ve probably noticed that if you place an eighth note on the last space, you’d get an awkward measure of silence. Due to the nature of Notessimo, if any note holds past the end of a measure, the next full measure will play. Since you’re shifting every note a sixteenth beat to the right, you have to sacrifice an extra sixteenth beat worth of sound in order to avoid the “blank measure”. Now, this may not be much of a problem in fast songs, such as the one you just posted, but it can become especially noticeable in slower songs, so I do think you should change this habit while you can!
Hope that helped.

(I’d help with other things, but I’ve never actually played Pokemon Gold. :twisted: Bite me.)

(I haven’t played it either :twisted: )

I did that exact same thing before I asked Kd for my own thread. It’s a very easy mistake to make.

Thanks, man. And good to see I’m not alone! :twisted:

I was actually just wondering which version (original or Heart Gold) he was going for, but then I figured he’s just going for his very own instrumentation…

I honestly can’t find any instrument that sounds goods with the music except for the main part…


First of all, I like the layering! It sounds really good! :twisted:

Well, part of the accompaniment is obviously piano, but if you’re bothered by the Low Piano in Notessimo then there’s not much you can do… Also, I’d suggest the Damant Spectrum Harm guitar for the bass. The melody should probably be an octave higher, too. Cymbals…there are a lot in the Drum Kit section; I’m sure there’s one that works.
And another thing… The song is in 6/8 time, so you may have some trouble fitting the accompaniment into there… You might need to remake it…

Edit: Waitaminute, this isn’t the Unfinished Songs topic. Derp derp. Yeah, uh, forget I said anything…

I believe someone ignored my post about challenging someone who can make a Disgaea song called “Planet X”
It’s where Flonne decided to go to Celestia and face the Seraph to find out if he was behind the scene about how it happen when the other angel was pulling a string on General Carter.

This will give you an idea.


A theme from a Harry Potter game.

It was a great idea, but it could have been echoeier.

a little slow how about 150bpm?

If you guys want to see echo, check out thamoron’s Sol Sanctum posted a few pages back.

Just compare the difference:

I mean, wow.

That was really echoey!

That was really echoey!

That was really echoey!

That was really echoey!

That was really echoey!