Wait, is notessimo thriving again?

I feel like there are more posts than usual atm.

I remember this place was lucky to get a post a week.

early on: more forum posts than songs
august, sept. october…: more songs than forum posts
now: mor forum posts than songs.

That’s history now. / You should listen to the songs. / They sound amazing.

Probably because a lot of users are in the more difficult second semester of school, and they don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to write full-blown songs. Forum posting is much quicker to do, and it feels like you’re wasting time (generally what students want to do instead of productive things)
Source(s): Personal expierience.

I sure hope notessimo IS thriving again, probably because the music is becoming more advanced…

And they keep taunting us for V3

More users, they like to post about everything. It’s still technically dead, Rosalie Mastersons.

Sadly, Roastie. You aren’t as famous as you used to be… Probably if we all came back, (Kaveman, Jollabollathan, 4in1, - StarWars [XD] -, etcetera)

notessimo could thrive once more.

Or maybe notessimo needs a new generation of creative minds to cause it to thrive one again. Maybe we should try both.

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Do you know any creative minds?

(Like Me perhaps?)

I think we should make more songs than forum posts again!

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Or we just need more musicians than Mods…

We do have more musicians than mods.

i agree about the musicians!

But moderators can be musicians too!!

^ What’s your point?

that i agree about that we do need more musicians than moderators .

1,830 members(aka musicians(that’s why the signed up for the site)), 20 of which are mods…
1,800 members who are never on here at all…(the thirty does not include mods)

And growing every day.

You know what we honestly NEED to do? We need to fix the game so that it can save and share on every single web browser. I think that would help immensely. As for the 1.8k, well, maybe they’re just taking a break. I know that’s what happened to me.

That’s what the “Save as” feature is useful for.