Weird Dreams

Talk about weird dreams here.

Here’s one I’ve had recently…

I was in a store (either Wal-Mart or K-Mart), and I was walking around, playing my Pokemon Yellow. Then, I left and it was night time. Even though I’m only 14, I then proceded to drive the family van home. On my way home, I looked up in the sky, and saw a constellation. It was Starburst’s avatar. I was amazed. I pulled up to an empty lot, and turned on my labtop by the radio (I don’t really have one), I logged on to Notessimo, and the update was complete. The new Notessimo was here. I looked on the member’s list, and I saw Kd’s name, Starburst’s name, and my name. We had 0 posts. I called my friend (Benzee) and told him to jump on to Notessimo right away. He didn’t want to, and I spent a lot of time trying to convince him to do so. Then I finished driving home, only to open up a brand new kitchen table (it was in a baby stroller box). I woke up afterwards.

I have many more weird dreams, but I’ll share them later. There are too many to fit on one post, maybe even a whole page or two.

sometimes, i have these dreams that happen in real life later, but sadly, cant remember until it happens. its usually meaningless things like a sentence or falling. Or other times itll be important.

someone else has them too??? YAY!!! I’M NOT ALONE!!!

We are all on the same page. They happen to me all the time

lol, the same dream happened to me…

I was in a Tescos (English supermarket) and I saw a computer (WTF I know) So i went on it and typed notessimo 2 forum. It loaded and everything was grey and like the old notessimo. I clicked on play and a freaky face jumped on me. It was important because later exactly the same face jumped out on me!

IT was the exorcist if you wanna know

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Am I the only person who doesn’t have notessimo in their dreams?

Oh wait, I did have one once. I don’t remember how or why, but I was on Notessimo and found that Starburst had just updated it. I woke up, went straight to my computer, and found it was just a dream. (hlisten)

by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.
I don’t or havent had any dreams about notessimo…possibly scince I haven’t been on here for very long…
one I can remember from some years ogo was;
I was in a library that I had never seen before…talking with a person that was apperently my friend…
when I had noticed that his tounge had turn grey and crumbled…
I looked at my own tounge (I dont know how) only to discover that mine did the same…–I still think it was wierd and creepy

Actually, I hope that doesnt happen like the dream, because, when he gets to ride a van home, he will prolly be 18, and that is 4 years from now and I don’t want it in 4 years I want it this year, or after, or after that.

Guys its called deja vu, I forgot what may trigger it, but if you drink a truckload of green tea its notorious for forcing you into a deja vu. Obviously none of us drink that much green tea, so i really don’t know what may accidentally trigger it. And yes i have them too every now and again.

I don’t drink any green tea. I drink the Shop Rite (northern states supermarket. You Southerners have Piggly Wiggly, we have Shop Rite) brand Iced Tea a lot though.

A quick heads up…

Nightmares are caused by strong unpleasant emotional responses. Say depression, fear, or worry.
Dreams are actually your thoughts mixed with REM or Rapid Eye Movement. They last 5 to 45 minutes even though your mind sees it as several seconds before blanking it out or waking up.
Precognition in dreams are dreams that can display reality, and can cause deja vu. Some people can dream their own future. However, it only lasts a couple of seconds before it ends, and usually, the dreams end up becoming true.

Take some time to think this over.
Now let’s get back on topic.

I thought that deja vou was if you thought you had done something or been somewhere before…
wouldn’t dreaming of something and have it happen in the future be different?
(hlisten) (rnote) :D :mrgreen:
Dreams are almost mystical things that we truly know next to nothing about, we try and explain things about them and end up at a dead end at another in-explicabal thing…BUT it is these same mysteries that keep us people going, for if we knew everything there was to know, we wouldn’t know what to do otherwise…

By deja vu I mean you in a particular situation and realizing you had a quick glimpse of it in a dream BEFORE…you were in the situation. Remember I posted that as a 101.

have you ever thought that dreams are about another you in a alternate dimension? Thatd be awesome, creepy, and awesome!

It’s like your own ESP.
But imagine this.

“Dreams are the gate to the things we think…
we wish…
we want…
and what we beleive…
Dreams are our possiblilitys to the impossible.
In dreams, we are like God. We can take away from reality and restore it with what no one could think.
That is a dream.”

Cool idea but alternative paths to the other universe(s) are called wormholes. Now, that…is…the perfect name for the alternative road trip to Htrae or whatever. I spelt it backwards, I have no time creating a fake name.

actually, there is no shop rite in mid New York fish.

Back On: my friend’s friend once had a dream with the tootsie pop kid. The kid went up to a guy in the corner in black. he asked the guy “Dracula! How many licks does it take to get to the center of my jugular vein?”
“Let’s find out! One… Two… Three…”
And he woke up

New York?

(I gotta get on topic!)

is that why we have wet dreams?

really? It must be a New Jersey thing (go Jersey)

I had a really long and strange dream one time. I remember most of it, but not all of it. I’ll tell you guys later, though. PURPLE PAJAMAS

Shop rite is for old people… and… food.
Path Mark is were its at.

At least we don’t sell tampons and wigs!