What songs these came from?

Can you Guess the right title or what show it was in?

This song is translated, so yes… it’s origianlly japanese.
One of my favorites? yes… somewhat xD

[details=Click to expand]In my childhood, I saw a countless amount of dreams like stars in the sky.
I imagined that I could get anything if I wished for it.

However, everything I wanted lay in high places.
Even if I stretched out, I couldn’t reach them, so I stopped looking up.

But then, I met you on that day.
You gave me a smile,
And taught me the reason why I was born.

Just believing that you’re in this world,
gives me the strength to live on.
I will grab your extended hand,
no matter how many times I fall.
In the end, I will overcome it,

“so could you please keep on smiling?”[/details]

Also any suggestions on good JPOP Songs or Artist (in anycase, you can refer to the songs I’m playing on our Plug.DJ Page)

Mainly, I go for something like T.M.Revolution , Nana Muzuki, Eyelids, Orange Range, Altima and others…