What was it like...

What was it like being one of the first members on Notessimo? I haven’t been here as long as Starburst, Sandy, Hypo, Kd, etc., and I started thinking about how the forum/game might have been before the site had a few hundred members (2 or 3 hindred). And what was the previous update like? I heard everybody lost their songs, but what exactly happened?

the last update was funny. think of it like the stock market crash of '29. suddenly everyone (with the exception of Hypo, KdIuLdLeA, and some others) was like “O NOEZ! MY SONG IS GON!!!1!!1” im not sure what exactly happened with the update (either the whole site mainframe was replaced or a server switch or something).

He updated the game client without telling anyone and all the songs that were saved on the old one were lost

Well Fish, to answer your first question… it was very slow here in the beginning. Me being the 8th member… not a whole lot of talking/communicating going on for quite some time. And REA and Heart answer your other question

strange. i didnt realize i came about a month after KdIuLdLeA.

It’s been almost a whole year since I’ve joined too… certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been that long

Im sandy… Anyways I remember making the first topic by a user fun fun fun.

It was lonely

I was actually kinda pissed that M500 signed up before me. I came here first, but I didn’t sign up immediately. Next thing I know he’s the second member and I’m all “goddammit.”
Also, the browse page used to be coin-operated.

What exactly is a game client, and what was different before it was updated?

You should’ve signed up and became the first member. You’d also have the run at the longest active member (unless you have it already, I’ll check in a sec) And, coin-operated browse page? What was Starburst thinking…

The ‘game client’ is Notessimo itself. Just a fancy name for it. And it was pretty much the same, but with less instruments in it.

Starburst was the first member… obviously (hlisten) lol
And yeah, that coin-poerated browser page was pretty strange

I thought Hypo was joking about the coin-operated browse section, but it seems that it really was there, according to you. Or are you playing along?

BTW, what instruments were added with the update?

Am I playing along? I will not say
But I forget what insturments were added… there were quite a few I believe.

from what i know the marimba wasnt originally there.

There were a bunch. There was also a different layout to the site.

Being one of the last few is quite riveting, I’ll tell ya.

You guys are making me feel bad… 20 months and barely 30 posts…

Almost a year and almost 1000 for me! Yay… lol

Here is a picture I found

[http://artisfun.info/index.php?q=aHR0cD ... %3D&hl=3ed](http://artisfun.info/index.php?q=aHR0cDovL2ZpbGVzLmFkYnJpdGUuY29tL2h0dHBhZHMvYWxleGFfdGh1bWJuYWlsLnBocD91cmw9bm90ZXNzaW1vLm5ldA%3D%3D&hl=3ed)

It didn’t work…

oops. I was at school when I did that so I was using a proxy. I’ll fix it.

Edit: Now I can’t find it!