When will V3 be released?

Is there a release date? Because I really wanna use V3, I wanna make a metal song but only V3 has the good metal instruments.




No release date has been announced. Starburst and his team are working very hard on it.

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We can better be patient.

When was the time he gave you the beta test for V3?

it was be patient-o-clock


I agree.

Oh, it was just a joke, but thanks anyways, Tim :slight_smile:

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Dood, V3 Beta is only given to ppl hand-picked by the Developers in order to help make the next version work properly with quality sound.
These are Maestros who have made great song arrangements. Moderators are also mainly part of this group.

For now, all we can do is what TimBer just said…



But yeah, to anyone new here, there’s been so much time that we just sort of accept that this is probably not their top priority, nor should it be.

And this is also good experience for you. If you can make an amazing sounding song with something that you don’t think sounds good, then you can definitely make some good music when you have access to good sounds too.

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Hello! I will sacrify myself for the community.

I like how guys with V3 say “you can wait again”. You have V3 you forgot the feels.

Ok I know that some guys desserve it but we’re not all excellent for making songs or we just don’t have the time (a big part of us). Why u not just put V3 public and make updates.

It’s like HL3 but here, only few people get it. We waited 2 YEARS for hearing the same thing everytime we ask some news. You shoud find another excuse than “wait” now.

Hurt me if you want, but I have said what I think about this situation.

Have a story:

some guy gets free content from a random website
lets call him Anon
Anon likes content
the guy who makes the content (call him CoolGuy) does it in his spare time
Anon can’t stop using it, gets better at it every day
more free content announced
cant wait
release date announced
not released on date
mass complaints
mfw people are complaining about not getting free content
Anon wants free stuff
gets told to wait
Anon doesn’t want to wait
complaints keep stacking up
creator tries to be as nice as possible and never insults the people complaining
people say it takes way too long
revolution on website
creator overthrown
new person in charge
Anon can’t code for shit, doesn’t know anything about the content
complete destruction of website due to no actual support
no more content
mfw it was free content

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You just forgot to mention this point: Some guys get the V3, and the others see them having fun with, saying “worth the wait” and they still can’t say anything after 2 years.

You see, I think that everyone can have fun with the actual V3 beta. That you have of course. You like it right? Well us too. But our only right is to shut up and wait.

I don’t say that you’re not right, but I wanna hear someone WITH YOUR OPINION and WITHOUT V3. I want to hear him.

I hope that you understand that I’m not here for fighting, but for awsers, like Squiderp or this guy: - YouTube

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Remember, ALI=3NS. You were like this when you didn’t have V3.

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Don’t blame Alien. He’s good c:

Basically just brushing off my post. Look through any of my posts. Find one of me ACTUALLY COMPLAINING that I didn’t have v3, because for quite a while I didn’t. I’ve held this opinion for the entire time.

Also, you say you are here for answers. What do you want to know? When v3 comes out? Truth is, nobody knows.

You guys do realize Starburst said he will release V3 for the 2015 collab, right?


I was dissappointed, because I thought I was up to par with the other composers. I guess you could say I was one of the “next gen” v3 users.

I agree that V3 should be fully released. Aside from some occasional glitches, it works wonderfully, and beta testers have already produced a lot of neat stuff with it. Though I have to say, those who do not enjoy composing in V2 will not have any more fun with V3.