Writing a story

So, I just had this CRAZY idea to write a HUGE story about mash-ups, but I need topics. Anyone have any good ones?

how about some gay shit to start off with :wink:

What do you mean by “mash-ups”?

Well, like Katniss and Beatris(from Divergent) meet up to stop Dimentio and Ganon from destroying Tatooine, or something.

IS this the mash-up you shared with me?

Not quite. See, what I was telling YOU was adding one, maybe two other people. This is a story that either has no main character or has at least three main characters. Big difference, well, not really.

about half of that is from “Lady and the Tramp”

New Idea: if anyone wants to be IN the story, give me details of your character, and add a villain too, or hero if you want to be a villain. This means: 1. Name; 2. Species; 3. Gender (if applicable w/species); 4. Appearance (lots of detail plz); 5. Strengths; 6. Weaknesses; 7. Place/Planet of Origin; 8. Affiliation (Hero or Villain)


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Sounds like an interesting story.

No, not RP. I’m writing a story. And I forgot Age. Put Age in there too.

end my suffering

how about hair?



First off, hair falls under “appearance”. Second, I forgot to add “personality” to the list.

how about the middles to use to make the hair grow faster?

what? anyway, an update to the story: I have found two potential names for my characters. One is Erebus, which means “darkness”. The other is Tamaghna, which means “who dispels darkness”.

So how does Tamaghna dispel the hair from Erebus’s middles?

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Uh… what?

So, what’s the plot?