Your grammar Sucks (notessimo edition)


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Please don’t spam the comments section just so you can be on this topic.
oh… And remember not to add their name, profile pic or signature. :)

Haz fan!

Or this could be offensive to anyone who has bad grammar… Lock or keep mods, your choice guys…

This game does not work here. Locked.

…so, is this locked or what?

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nothing big.

Aliens, think before you post. This was a stupid idea, even for you.

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I now have at least 43 new videos on my “must see” list. Grammar is powerful!!..and when people misuse it, and then it’s read out loud with normal inflections, it’s hilarious. That is why I won’t get a Twitter: I cannot be grammatically correct with a limited character space.

Oh, is this supposed to be a game? Uh…“They sey it don’t be, but it do, it do!”

I kid, I kid.

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This is supposed to be locked.