This is something about Zelda. You can put music here or Chat!
Anyway, this might have been already done by someone else.

Isn’t there already a zelda topic?

PS: soz about me literally following you everywhere!

No. I looked… and there isn’t. Maybe for songs, but not for general discussion and stuff.

oh cool!

Well mabye this is my first topic that had not got locked. I got about 6 locked I think.

god, all the three i’ve made haven’t been locked yet

i don’t think any topic I made has been locked. Lets see, I made the “Thread Off-Topicers”, my song thread, the “Download” , the “what ever happened to…”, “who do you know from Notessimo IRL?”, and more, but not one of them was locked.

Back on topic…

I would love to talk about Zelda, but I’ve never owned a Zelda game. I only played the Ocarina of Time at my friends place for about an hour.

All about the locked stuff I cant think of a thread for songs so I’m not bothered to make one because I already know what is happening.

Please, this is a Zelda thread. Someone start talking about Zelda or I will delete this thread.

Lol i modded LoZ OoT to make link have a huge head and he went around banging his head on stuff. It was hilarious when he rolled

nice… But OoT is really hard to play through the 3rd time. It gets kind of boring if your not good enough to do the side quests.

Anyone here played LoZ:TP? I just got it, and so far, it plays just like any other RPG, but without the great music themes to back it up. I hardly can remember that this is a Zelda game while I change into a wolf and carry around this little black thing (Midna) everywhere. On the whole, it still is okay, I just wish the music didn’t change so much.

played through it. Zelda and Ganondorf dont even show up until the end. Very sad/bad/not good story line. Alo, I didnt even pay attention to the music like I did in OoT.

Zelda’s in the beginning, just after you meet midna. I liked the song “Hyrule Field,” in the game, so discount me telling you the music is boring. Anyways I just figured out that this game is turning out for the better, I LOVED fighting the big hog dude on Eldin Bridge (and especially before). It made me nostalgic of SSBB, a game that can out after LoZ:TP .

Here’s Kaepora Gaebora, one of my personal favorites in the Zelda series, just cause it’s so much fun


Alright sorry for second post, but I have one more…Hyrule Castle from OoT Enjoy!


Sorry again lol. But I just made this and I thought it was a cool remix of Illia’s Theme I hope you enjoy it, too!


Nice covers! I’m impressed.
But I believe you posts belong in here.

I got bored on the final dungeon of TP two years ago… just beat it on the aniversary of quitting the game.

Yeah, game did good on the beggining and end, bu the middle… not so much XD