Converting Songs to mp3

Nvm…I think I was mistaken because I forgot that there is not a converter and
the whole sidebar when you open a new window…

Once Starburst finishes updating it, people will be able to download converter then… sorry

if somebaody happens to have an old screen shot of the normal compase part can you
post it and show what I meant?

that sucks…

I know…
…sorry I thought I would be able to help
I will pvt message Starburst to see if he has a link to it or something…
would that work for you?

You mean the screenshot? Don’t bother, it’s ok. I was just wondering if there was a way to convert notessimo into actual music files. Thanks anyway!

1.) There IS a converter to download notessimo songs to your scomputer…
2.) I meant I was going to message Starburst for a link to download the converter…
3.) I am sorry if I was being unclear
EDIT: 4.) The CURSE OF SP!!!

Here is a download link to an exe version of the converter:


If you have any questions like this, pm a mod. If they don’t know, pm another. Try not to create a thread if you don’t have to, especially when there is already a thread on the topic here.

Took someone a while to respond…so I assumed nobody else knew…

Sorry bout that

I followed your link…
Didn’t work.

Sorry, I’ve never actually tested that (it was REA’s). I guess you’ll just have to wait.

Can’t you put it on Savefile or another file-sharing website?

I am wondering if you could possibly convert an mp3 into a wav so as edit it with the Composer program. Please reply?

That isn’t possible.

Yeah it is.

For a second, I thought the picture was real.

ya (rock) lol

Wait sorry for bump, can someone tell me how to convert to .mp3 using iTunes?

EDIT: Wait got it! Sorry.
EDIT: Converter won’t load.

Sorry for double post, but how do you change mpeg to mp3 in iTunes?

EDIT: Nevermind.

I’d just use audacity for that, If its really hard to do on iTunes.

Oops, I’ve already started burning a CD.