Movie/TV Show Themes

This is the theme for House. Please tell me if anything is wrong.
(Note: Actual song is called “Teardrop” by Massive Attack.)

heres the family guy theme with rock lobster at the ending I have a bunch of wrong notes and rhythms :S its ok though right?

well at least I tried

I made an indiana jones song! it’s his theme!

i was gonna do that!

is it in the right key when you converted it?

it’s only the begining, but it’s pretty good so far!

parts complete:
next part:

Arent trombones in F flat or something. I play trumpet and thats B flat

Good start. I look forward to hearing the rest.

sounds good

heres mine named Code Lyoko
(Note: Added Trumpet for more Umph)

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That sounds JUST LIKE IT!!! (Trust me, I know. XU)

no this snt going to affect it because i copied some music out of a trombone book and it came out perfect, is the music made for a solo or band ensemble? that could be your problem

Family guy theme.
sorry jakejosh, it had to be done ?id=8904

Promise (reprise), Silent Hill movie.

this is mine just joined so there

Wow uvl, you brought this thread back after 2 months!
Your Code Lyoko theme CC, sounds just like it!

hehe thanks glad to hear that.

slower the first one was waaay to fast this is right on the mark.

Ok… You can stop posting that everywhere…

Yeah, and it’s not really that great.