I know everbody here either plays or had played Pokemon before.

I have Yellow, Blue, Crystal, Fire Red, Emerald, Pearl, Trozie, Ranger (1st one), and Gale of Darkness

I used to have Red (friend stole it), Silver (data corrupted, then sold it :mrgreen: ), Sapphire (sold it)

I have beaten all of them at least once, and I have just started a new file on Fire Red. Just went through Mt. Moon, and arrived in Cerulean City.

One time, I slept on my Yellow Version cartridge, thus resetting the game. I was mad (hlisten) Haven’t played it since…

i had seven “Lugias” on gold, (because I know how to clone them) and it reset itself.

Flippin’ MAD!

i had/played red, blue, yellow, silver,gold,sapphire,emerald,ruby,diamond,pearl, and i plan to get platinum. i have both ranger ones and gale of darkness. i also plan to get colleseum and the other one for the wii sometime. Nobody stole/dared to take my things, im vicious! (in an angry way and the cool way! (hlisten) )

I remember that cloning trick. Too bad it doesn’t work on Crystal version. Only Gold & Silver. Oh. This reminds me of the Missingo trick in Red and Blue. I did it a few times, and it evolved into a LVL2 Kanghaskhan. I was like WTF!

never known that trick…

Aha! Beat you again… I knew about it! Six level 100 Mewtwos me! Haha…ha… I had no life lmao

you’ve got no life, BUT YOU BEAT ME AGAIN!

That I did, DJ, that I did indeed
But yeah, Pokemon took up a lot of time in my younger years… I’m glad I moved on lol
However, I do still own Yellow, Blue, Red, the Trading Card Game for GBC(that’s pretty fun), Silver, Leaf Green, Sapphire (lost somewhere), Pokemon Coliseum, Pokemon XD something (lol) and… Diamond.
See what I mean? A lot of time in my younger years

I have never played a single Pokémon game.

Same here (hlisten)

Wow really? You guys missed out… but… at least you didn’t waste your childhood haha

Yeah, at least until I started playing the Nintendo 64.

yes they did miss out, but I don’t think they wasted their childhood. And 6 LVL 100 Mewtwos? EPIC. Well not unless you used all Rare Candies to make them LVL 100. That’d be cheap and it makes your Pokemon weaker. I expected better from a former Sandy Witch

why not greasy witch? Or rocky witch?

those sound nasty… i didnt/dont play it all the tme, i just play it excessively when i feel.

lol, rocky witch, greasy witch. There will NEVER be sexy witch! (DON’T KILL ME FOR THAT ONE FISH) (hlisten)

I don’t think DJ understands what a Sandy Witch is.

Apparently not

DJ. A Sandy Witch is a person who plans to bring threads off-topic. I wrote a little story a while ago about them.

Now you should understand.

Back on topic…

I recently started playing Crystal Version again. I beat the E4 and Lance last night with my amazing (not really) team.

i only like the first generation pokémon. the original 151 are way better than the 493 they have now.