Request a Feature (Songs)

This thread is for those of you that want a featured song.
For those non-mods who want a song featured just leave a reply in this thread with the song, mods will then edit your post to say what they like, if they featured, or what needs to be changed to be added as a feature.

Note: Recommendations by others are valued more than a self-request.

Do Not: - Post every new song by yourself. This is spam
Post song’s that are obviously not feature worthy. This is also spam and will be deleted on sight.


  1. Try your best song
  2. Don’t use all quarter notes like most new songs
  3. Keep it original and mostly non-repetitive

NOTE: Non- mods can vote on songs. If you think a song is feature material, please go ahead and tell us!

FFFFFFFFFFF oh god rise of credence or illytomyntolgy oh lawd damn damn damn AHHHAHAHAHA

flips coin


Sandalman3000’s comment: If on the moon is your final choice I say yes, it’s a very excellent song, intro was iffy but the chorus made me decide it has to be, I’ll wait for more mods to comment though.

StarWars [XD]'s Comment: This song is fine to be featured as seen by me, as long as it is the one you want to be featured Roast.

Roastmaster’s Comment: LOLOLOL I’m cool, anyway I’m going to go ahead and edit this post and replace this song with the reshare’d version so that it appears in my name instead of “guest”.

Last Bastion by Hypo/DC

That would be an awesome choice for the Featured Song list

I loved enigma of tranquility by kamarai/starwars[XD] I dont know I just think its awesome

Nice to see someone asked for one of my songs (albeit a collaboration) to be put on, thanks for that.

If I may be so bold as to ask for one of mine, I would have to go with Saga of the Dragon. This is purely because I think that the first couple songs people will look at will be on that page, and they need to impress, which is why so may of the featured songs are covers.

Also, by my rule above (if it counts for anything), I think the best candidate for Roastmaster’s featured should be 2012, because it is so well built that even some of the techno songs on Fruity Loops are comparable to this. But that’s just my opinion.

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just whoring out my songs.

My best work would probably be Enchanted Winter, although my other one, The Ocean, appears to have enjoyed greater success.
Either way, they’re both okay, I guess.



If I had to choose one of my songs the canidates would be…
A. Endless Snowflakes
B. Lightning Epic
C. Generic Castle Theme

There is a Joy (Unlike Any Other)
Glory’s Road
It’s a Space Battle!
Calm Anger vs The Final Call

Rise of Credence
…When You Were Mine.
On The Moon
Some New Day


Circus Express

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I’ve already posted this in the Classical Music thread but it wants to be featured. ?id=41706

Well all my songs want to be featured but that’s never gonna happen, is it?

Final Call by Unknowned!

How in the world did Death Castle get featured? That probably out of all of my songs, in my thread, that probably has THE LEAST amount of work in it…Its cool I even GOT FEATURED , but I would like to know what makes it surpass all of my other songs???

What’s even better is that my techno song still in beta is featured; eh.

rawr still havent got to listen to it…STUPID WII FLASH 7!!!

Honestly, I wouldn’t strain myself to care at all, because if my Flight of the Bumble Bee thing won’t get featured, I really doubt any of my other songs would have about a 0.5% chance of getting featured, so just forget how, why, or whatever reason it was better, just forget it all, because you actually got featured.

I just want to know, I didn’t mean to sound pissed off, I meant it to be more polite with some words emphasised

But me I never would have expected to be featured…I’m good, but I wouldn’t strike myself as that good (I’m expecting Star to have something to do with it )

BUT I AM glad that it is holding its own!!! (4.29, 7 votes, 21 listens XD)

OH and I just noticed flight of the Bumblebee (yours The) is featured!! Grats (achievement unlocked)

Egh; the only thing i’m mad about is that it says I featured my own song even though I am not an administrator.

Well, use Mozilla and if it says you are missing a plug-in, do it.

LOL on the wii you have to use Opera…with Flash 7 and you can’t download anything…STUPID NINTENDO INTERNET

It also is amusing the lack of non-mod and original songs on the feature list

Sorry, but 1: I cant listen to songs on the DSi, and 2: If you havent noticed, I’d like Flight featured. Thoughts of people "Oh I’d think it’d be good if you had more posts. "
Argument “Unfortunately, I have a life to deal with.”

If you havent noticed it is featured