Roasty's (and the mods') OUTDATED list of notessimo rankings

I like this list. Also, Roast was man enough to not put himself on the list.

I knew that if I put myself on that list, no matter where it was, a shitstorm would ensue.

AGAIN. I CAN’T STRESS IT ENOUGH. THIS LIST COULD BE INACCURATE IF I HAVEN’T HEARD MANY OF YOUR SONGS. The carlten crew for instance is great, but I had no clue what any of their songs sounded like aside from 2 of his pieces.

Holy pies! I beat Starburst?
And where’s 1amayzingman?

Yeah I forgot alot of people. Heartsasword, AFB, Levus, Kermitsnap, and whoever. They will all get ranked soon.

I can’t beleive I beat Star though.
Hell, I’m surprised I beat SP. SP’s awesome!

I demand myself to be made into a new rank. (The really really really low tier or something.)

Levus should be, at the very least, placed on the High tier. He made some pretty beast arrangements of popular video game music.

As for AFB, this. He kinda forgot to add that it was an arrangement, not an original. Just letting you know.

I got your back. Seems about right now; you’re pretty irrational.

I think you got the God Tier perfect IMO.

0o I beat Muse and AshleyBas? How the hell? Well its based on roast opinion so i could see how lol.

But i feels nice to know that im the top of the Mid-Lower tier according to this…

NO NO NO NO NO! I will never approve of a thread like this! It’s a lot like the “Favorite Composer” Thread. Terrible idea.

Well While I’m at it I might as well make it a sticky, and hopefully this will finally abolish the “List” of Johan.

Also I made a slight edit to the last tier. Hehehe!


Nah i did this:

I believe Hypo put you on the Mod Edit Tier, I think it fits, at least your rank.

Jeez, personally I think y’all and starwars should just CALM DOWN A BIT YO.

Roasty obviously meant this as a joke, and to get all “up in arms” because “it seems unfair” to other users which may feel “degraded” due this supposed “rank system” is ludicrous. I’m “sure” Roasty “meant” no “harm” whatsoever, and of “course”, at the “end” of the “day”, it “doesn’t” really “mean” anyth… thi… w…

oh my god I’m first


HOLY CRAP I MADE IT ON TO THE LIST!!! :twisted: :twisted:

Thats about where your at Roast.

Seriously with “Rise of Credence” you deserve it.

cough Bowser’s Castle was sick DC cough

Actually I completely approve of this thread, that’s why it’s a sticky. I like the idea, because if we as mods see a glaring error we can edit it ourselves and therefore it’s not totally on Roasty to get it completely right, although IMO he did a decent enough job. Also:

Good job :twisted:

Oh I have an idea, we should have an official one of these (not implying that this is unofficial of course) and everyone gets to vote for their top three people in a poll.

I like this one, and I like the idea of all the mods plus roastly monitoring this so I should be pretty accurate

Considering the fact this is like a notessimoized Billboard top 40 (because IT IS of course a notessimoized billboard top 40) I will maintain the traditions of the billboard top 40 by updating the standings every Thursday just like the Billboard Top 40 (since this is so much like the Billboard Top 40).

Idea: Top 40/50/100/200 songs. A thread like this is only really useful (well… maybe not useful, but interesting) to regular everyday notessiguys who know the drill. A list of all the best songs would be great for newcomers 'cause it’d help them to see the best of notessimo fairly quickly, without having to sift through millions of threads - and the featured songs only feature recent songs, so it’d be good for them to learn some history.

The critic side of me is dying to make that thread, but the practical side says it may be too much. MODS, PLEASE LET ME MAKE IT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I’LL BE GOOD FOR THE REST OF THE DAY

P.S; Star, I know you approve of the thread, it was just a joke to contrast a before and after of realising I made #1. Admittedly, I’m terrible with jokes. I’ll remember that in future.