Techno Thread

Post your fastest, bass pumping-est, synth raining-est techno here. Or don’t. I will.

Jeez! i can barely even keep a beat! Great Work!

Not finished yet… And WOAH! Hypo’s song is the best !!! I really hope to see more techno (and yes, an update with new instruments is coming soon, I’m just fixing bugs )

Anybody played Startropics for the NES? Sounds reminiscent of the spaceship level.

Don’t know how I forgot about this one!
It’s a bit unpolished, being my second composition, but it’s not too bad.

Woah Hypo! You’re awesome!

Yes. Yes I am.
Thank you for noticing.

My first attempt at techno! Tetris!

Nice song Bron.
Tetris is sweet 8-) lmao

Thanks Kdiuldelea. I usually use the piano so this is kinda new to me.

MY techno song Techno Land (cudnt think of eny other name)

My First attempt at Notessimo 2! Best heard with volume at it’s max! (headphones work the best) :D

Still pales in comparison to Impetus.


Techno for Dummies: The Five Step Program

  1. Loud, driving, repetitive bass line, with speedy sections intermixed.
  2. Mostly static, but complex, drum line
  3. Synthesizer, synthesizer, synthesizer.
  4. ?
  5. Techno Song

It also helps if you’re awesome.

Well, I do not know such text. Also, I have a song, I have posted it before, but I think this is the more reviewed thread than the thread I made.Note: It is my first try at techno, so do not be insulted at my first try.I’ll need a bit of help-I’ll fix that hi-hat on the whole note setting later.

Sounds pretty good. (better than i can do…)

Bron Skien, don’t be unnhapy, jealous or anything about it. I’m just a beginner here; techno is just a tad bit intremedite(I do not know if I spelled that word wrong or right, I really do like grammar, so much better.Whoops,off topic).I’ll try and fix the Open Hi-hat 2 and add some more to the song.

I’m not unhappy, it’s just i’m not as good at techno as i am with the piano. 8-)

I’ve done it again…

Better than Impetus? I tried but I don’t think it’s quite there…