We all need to talk NOW!

We need to discuss about the issues everyone is having with each other right here right now. I’m tried of all the hate and shit. I’m just put up with it. And for one thing I’m considering leaving if we can’t find out some way to get along. This is truly needed.

I don’t see any hate.

Don’t bee such a drama queen.


Uh, what? I just got here a week ago… I haven’t seen any hate here at all.

They’re all overreacting.


Could you be more specific, is this about Yellowtail?

Yeah, and Kiroto.

And plus this is for everyone that may have any problems at all with anyone.

Im a problem causer and Im soooo offended. =3

Well. I have anger problems and when Im angry I can be the most rowdy individual on the forum. This can also trick you guys into thinking im a bad person, Im not and niether is Kiroto. I will try my best to make sure im not causing problems for now on.

I like making friends. I try my best… I don’t HATE anyone I just find them annoying…

What did Kiroto do?

Your just paranoid. This isn’t to trick anyone.

I’d rather not bring it up.

Well thanks for making a topic on it.

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More drama than mexican hospital dramas.


HAHAHAHA. There is more drama happening here then in the 2nd world war. LOL

Ok, if your to be a smartass about it then fine. It’s about Kiroto and having a relationship in a gay way with someone. I find it disturbing.

And with Yellowtail’s uncalled for comments.

You’re the one causing the hate here. Maybe if you be more respectful the problem will be solved.

What solution did you expect?


I find any “relationship” not between man and woman disturbing. Many people do.

Notessimo 2010 was best Notessimo


2008-2010 Notessimo was the best.

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