~CC2017~ Official Thread

hi hunies can i join

Well you’re quite late as we already started, but I’ll put you on the end of the list. Since you’re a late arrival you’ll have to make do with however much space is left in the collab (though you’ll probably have plenty of space since the trend so far is downwards). Also by space I mean the physical file size, which is limited to 25 MBs

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thank you !!

Two days until THE posts his part. It seems like forever since we’ve had an update.

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Zaz, is there a reason why you didn’t ask to be moved before now? I don’t mind moving you to the back of the line but this kind of situation is honestly the kind of shit we should be avoiding cause this collab is already plenty long as it is.

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When you say you’ll do it, we expect you to do it.

I didn’t expect to not have computer access for 2 days so I couldn’t finish the part…

Thanks to all the people who voted No on the poll. -_-

You’re welcome. Rules are rules and we all agreed to them.

You couldn’t quickly use or borrow any computer (or even a phone) and hop onto the forums and tell everyone you needed a few extra days?

It’s two days after your deadline now, so if it still isn’t finished you would have been late anyway. If it is, maybe aliens will be nice enough to let you submit it.

Actually Diggity dropped out and agreed to give zaz his time, so I guess we’ll all be anticipating zaz’s part by April 14th

You were granted a second chance, Zaz. Don’t waste it.

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I’m not

I just haven’t started yet

It’d be funny if it wasn’t probably true.

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I really think this collab is just a dud. I feel like this would have worked better like two years ago. that’s my opinion.

From what just happened, can we make an exception to the rule of “You cannot delete a user’s addition once it has been submitted…”?



I’ve already given Aliens the green light to delete Zaz’s part.


Alright, Paratominium, you have 4 hours to upload your entry or i will start working on mine. Exams are coming up n shit and I unfortunately do not have the time to wait.

Just a thought I had, not because I necessarily want to do this, my part is ages away. How do we feel about someone who’s entry isn’t one large chunk? I.E. what if you stay under the file limit and roughly similar length (in total) to others but you split that across 2 or 3 shorter sections across the song?

Because I did something similar, I would assume the answer is to ask the people who’s parts are directly effected for permission.

it’s been a while


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