Random Songs

My Song Serenidad which is spanish for serenity.
My other piano song which is spanish for Peace of Mind

Authors Note: My first ever notessimo songs. Everyone starts somewhere. Serenidad was the first song thread.

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Sounds pretty sweet. I like the middle the best. 8-)

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These are just my first two on the beta- if there is one that is better, tell me. The newest songs will be posted on the Kongregate forums, too(I do have a Kongregate account.) Ok, let’s get to the songs!!!They might be copy-paste links, so do not worry.

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I think that hotshot race is better but you know you don’t have to always use quarter notes right?

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Well, the first song was just my basic one, and the second one, I tried to do a bit of creativity… I’m still a beginner at it, though.

EDIT: I take no offense from that, though.

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I hereby declare this the random thread! Any ambiguous, non-specified genres will now be dumped in here for great justice.

It was intended to be a little more techno, but that guitar section was too good to trash, thusly bastardizing the song into some undefinable mess.

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Awesome song Hypo, there will be more songs coming from me…

Trying to builld some techno, I may need lots of guidance here. If there is anything about it that dosen’t seem to have it smooth, notify me.Link below:

100th post in Songs Forum!
Good intro, yes?

Wow Hypo. That was pretty good.
You’re really good at using this thing. How do you do it? lol

I think you can make the name of this song called ‘Tranquil Day’ (However that t word is spelled 8-) ) Rhontos, nice job on this song. Those cymbals are great.

Edit at 9:39PM EST: Rhontos, I gave 7 a little fix to make it sound good. I also filled in your account name here for you.

I lost focus near the end, just wanted to finish it because it was mocking me with its unfinishedness. ?id=663

Almost proud of this one.

Awesome song by some guy who i dont know

Sector 500 Red Alert!
That’s this song!
But’s it’s just a demo… ain’t that nice??? (sarcasm!!!)

good but are they all supposed to be quarter notes? I think it sounds weird.

It’s still being worked on, don’t worrry. Note: All of the 0’s are alarms.


Added a bit more to the last measure, also added a custom ‘fade-out’ with the cymbals you used.Added one Synth2 and Bass4 to measure 8.Wonder why you left 7 blank in the first place…

Red Alert is finished! I finished it two days ago, but did not have a chance to use the server(Blasted router was out). Note: 10 might lag a bit. Be prepared.

Here are my two songs i’m working on. The first one is just a tiny loop I made in five seconds, where I crammed as much stuff in as possible and hoped it sounded good. The second is unfinished and needs a better intro.