Zelda fans unite!!!

Yeah how do i embed?

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Nice songs too.

thank you

Holy Jesus! This freakin’ song took forever… triplets are painful.
I think I’m more creative when I’m sleep-deprived. Don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.

Continuing the side discussion, KdIuLdLeA: The Super Suit is the prize for 100 consecutive super jumps. +50 att/def/sp.att/sp.def, +20 speed and safety ring immunities = juggernaut.

Song of Storms. I got it as close as I can.
But it’s from Ocarina of Time. My fav classic.

Here’s one for all you Legend of Zelda Fans!


Another Legend of Zelda Songs! 8-)

Forgot about these 2! :o
http://notessimo.net/?id=2594 (this is probably my best song yet! I did most by ear! 8-) :D )

change the ocarinas going down the scale in “Serenade of Water” to acoustic guitars and lower the tempo and it will sound perfect!

Yup thats right, well heres my lates one, i’ll be constantly updating, this took me about 3 hours

if you want to hear the version i did a while ago go to the video games thread

Lost woods from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Song of Storms

The Song of Healing song has a few wrong notes that need correcting, however, the Song of Storms is dead-on. Nice job.

If my version of the song of storms wasn’t at my dad’s i would put it up

Did this in about 45 minutes
Saria’s Song / Lost Woods


waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of tune

here is the version i posted in the video games forum a while back ?id=4364

The Dark World

Very nice Dark World rendition,

Espansa’s Song
Lon Lon Ranch